GaymerX Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization focused on the preservation and celebration of queer geek and gaming culture, through supporting current developers and archiving historically significant achievements in this field.

GaymerX Foundation was formed in 2016 after the outpouring of support for GaymerX, an annual convention focused on LGBTQIA game developers and fans.

Our Goals:

Support LBGT & Queer Communities in Gaming!


  • Lifting LGTBQ Developers through grants for development, access to resources/people or help getting to events to speak, exhibit or attend.
  • Building “Gaymer” Community through events, talks, and meet ups.
  • Archiving and Discussing past queer games,  games made by queer devs or games that touched on queer topics.


Board of Directors & Officers

Matt Conn

President & Director

Matt Conn is the founder and CEO of MidBoss, through which he is the executive producer for the annual GaymerX gaming convention. Matt also produces LGBTQ+ focused gaming media, including the the cyberpunk story adventure game 2064: Read Only Memories (2016), and the ‘gaymer’ documentary Gaming in Color (2015). Conn is a major leader of the fight for inclusion of queer themes and developers in the video games industry and works out of San Francisco, where he lives.


Toni Rocca

Treasurer & Director

Toni Rocca is a feminist and an activist for creating inclusive spaces in gaming and other fandoms. As a trans woman, her expertise tends to revolve around queer issues and creating safer environments to foster creativity and enrich the culture of a space. She is known mainly for running the LGBTQ+ themed gaming convention GX (formerly GaymerX) in San Francisco alongside its founder Matt Conn. Toni has most recently taken to consulting for various companies and events to create better practices for inclusivity.


John James

Secretary & Director

John “JJSignal” James is a graphic illustrator, game designer, and frequent coffee shop goer that resides in San Francisco. For the past three years, JJ has been working with MidBoss and GaymerX as their local pixel pusher. His most recent work has been directing and creating the visuals for MidBoss’ cyberpunk adventure game, Read Only Memories. His burning passion for aesthetics and just the right cup of coffee keep him moving forward.


Philip Jones


Philip Jones is a producer and developer at MidBoss with a passion for showcasing the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals through various media. Philip directed the feature doc “Gaming In Color” (2014) which explores the queer side of gaming, and they are also a writer and developer on cyberpunk adventure game “2064: Read Only Memories”. Philip is also a co-producer for the annual premiere LGBTQ-focused gaming event GaymerX, and has since been heavily involved in LGBTQ+ gaming communities, especially those focusing on gender non-binary individuals. In their free time, Philip finds joy in watching professional wrestling and tweeting about bears.