GaymerX Foundation is Live!




WOAH!!! Yep! After a lot of time and filling out lots of paperwork with the government, the official paperwork just came through – GaymerX is now a certified non-profit organization called “GaymerX Foundation”.

It’s something we’ve wanted to make happen for a long time, and now that it’s here we want to make sure everyone knows. Being a non-profit allows for certain donations to be tax-deductible, gives us access to more resources, and allows you better transparency and confidence in where your money is going.


There are two ways you can support GaymerX and our mission going forward: Donating monthly to our Patreon or giving a one-time donation on our new GaymerX Foundation Website! Deductions made through the website are totally tax-deductible too! Wow!

In the future, we hope to be able to expand upon our goals and vision with GaymerX Foundation – beyond just organizing queer events for ga(y)mers of all kinds – we also want to help catalogue, support, and provide resources to queer devs and queer game communities, but we can only do so with you.

Help us keep making gay gaming events for you by supporting the newly formed GaymerX Foundation! We want to make you proud of us and we’re so thankful for your support in getting us to the nearly 5th(!) anniversary of GaymerX.


GaymerX Foundation